Dance Elite

Photo Days

June 1st – 5th,  2021


Photo time is almost here!  Thank you for participating in this year’s photo days!  Our goal is to help make your photo day experience fun, easy, and memorable.



– Please create a user account to view the photo order form. (Order form below)

– Order form must be filled out before photos are taken.

– Check the photo schedule on the form to see which groups your child is in.  The group number must go on each one of your orders.

– The form has 10 spots for multiple orders/students.  If you need more than 10, please start a new form. This can be done by clicking on the same link that brought you here, or with the url…



For questions about the schedule or outfits, please contact Dance Elite.

For questions about ordering photos or the order form, please contact the photographer.


Photo Order Form

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